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Flower Design of Britain



Established in 1949
One of the longest established Flower School in Europe

Flower Design of Britain

Flower Design of Britain is a flower school to provide professional floristry training courses in the U.K.
With more than 68 years of service in the industry, we had become the oldest educational institution.
From basic to advanced levels, various ranges of floristry courses are offered throughout the year.
We focus on more commercial aptitude of success and each course is carefully planned by our well experienced team.  Our floristry training comes from a base of Qualification. We have an academic background and are educationally certificated.


Main flower studio- centre of excellence and learning is in Weston-super- Mare.
Overseas studios are in Bangkok / Pattaya Thailand and Tokyo by appointments.
Training workshops are also provided in other locations such as London upon arrangements.

Floristry courses

Our Floristry Courses are designed to meet the requirements of the fast changing flower world for today’s students. We offer a comprehensive schedule throughout the year plus carefully crafted specialized courses. Classes are available from 2-days floristry art and craft to 6 weeks long term class for all aspects of floristry. Master florist courses in 5 different levels. 

We only have qualified teachers and limit student numbers per class so as to ensure individual attention and a successful Portfolio with Certificate. Please let us help you to choose suitable courses for your career.

Our students

We would like to give you all the necessary floristry skills to continue and pass on through your chosen careers. During our floristry courses,  student will develop and acquire a greater understanding in the basic principals of  floral design.  Confidence comes through education and our students over the years have proved this by their success in florist business,  teaching,  authors and commercial design work.

Updation and news

Classic Natural Flower course
New Course - Classic Natural Flower course

2019 course schedule