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Floristry courses

Basic floristry training course for beginners to Master classes for professionals, our floristry courses are carefully designed to meet requirements of students. If you would like to get started as a florist, Career course is suitable to begin with. This is the course to learn all the fundamentals of floristry. For students who know basics, are much encourage to take intermediate courses such as Introduction to design stage 1 and 2. In these classes, you will be taught forms of modern European designs and developing practical skills with theories. Specialized courses such as Bridal in 2 levels, Contemporary design or Colour understanding with art and flowers are the courses to focus on certain subjects in depth. 5 levels of Master courses are ready for students whose objectives are set to obtain wider knowledge of floristry and improving themselves as a Master florist.

In today's floristry industry there has developed a demand for corporate weddings, this in turn has created a further dedicated industry for florists. We are offering training in the structure and delivery for event planning for this high demanding field of floristry.

The love of flowers for many people is creating for themselves. We accommodate the 'Hobby flower arrangers' at every level.Join us and enjoy the successful construction with your own designs!

Numbers in each class are limited.  Ensuring enough individual attention and help for everyone by our teachers. Lectures and demonstrations are reduced to a minimum. Allowing students plenty of time for practical work.  Students have opportunities to pick own flowers to work with from over 100 varieties of flowers under supervision and guidance of instructors at the flower studio. 


Career course covers fundamentals of floristryBeginner / Basic





Europe school

Geoffrey Hughes teaches contemporary design and technique