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Introduction to Design stage 1 & 2

Introduction to design, Floristry coursesIntroduction to design 1&2 is the natural progression from commercial floristry. It enables students to understand the techniques which can be developed to let them to progress into individual design skills. It incorporates for example pure parallel design, vertical and horizontal. To master these 3 stages one has to understand how to put them together in a right way. A further element of design is to understand the reasons for using texture in all its various forms and the same applies to the understanding of colour and how to blend and mix theoretically and practically colour combinations. There are also many obscure types of designing and shapes within, for example translucent / transparent and the ways to construct and view these types of designs which can be used and adapted in competition and corporate work. It allows the students to search deeply into their artistic mind, in fact the whole course from the 1st day to the last is a test of the students’ ability to think out of the flower box!

Introduction to design, Floristry coursesSome of the most outstanding designers in all fields appear to be pushing the boundaries of their professions to new understandings of the materials they are using.  Each student at the end of this course goes away with the satisfaction that the work he/she has done has not come out of a book, but is a development of their own skills encouraged by their tutor. Each and every student that has come on this course in the last 20 years has gone away understanding the difference between pleasurable floristry and creative design.
Please prepare your sketchbook and colour pencils.  more  images from the course.

5 days
£840 each course
9:30 - 16:30

Contemporary flower design

Contemporary design is up to date and fun innovative daring, but those are not easy.  This course is set for students who are just moving into intermediate level and wish to know about modern floral design.  We will work on all the skills needed to achieve good design. The props and flowers should be talking to you through texture, balance, colour and design.

Day 1 will be based on explanation with regards to contemporary design, flower suitability, container variations, pins, chicken wire and oasis.
Day 2 will be frame making and preparation in respect of the assembly and compatibility of design.
Day 3 & 4 will be styles and variations.

4 days
9:30 - 15:30

Wedding Modern and Contemporary

Inspiration in wedding work.  This course is for students of an advanced level who wish to further their understanding of new wedding styles.  In today’s brides, it would seem the fashion is very much for hand-tide bouquets.  However, what goes around comes around,  the tutor will bring you back to wired and holder designs plus combination of all the above.  Maximizing your knowledge in all aspects of bride’s needs

4 days
9:30 - 15:30

Floristry Art and Craft

Weekend classes for artistic work of floral design. Enjoy the delicacy of materials through creating artistic craft works of bridesmaids grass purse, decorative corsages, table decorations, garden sculptures. This course is aiming students to learn the newest trends in the industry!

Each work is made of various materials such as beads or old necklaces - anything that can be threaded onto wire or thread. Shells from the seashore.  Rock and stone of any size and shape from that can be used within design.  Pieces of fabric of any colour and texture, decorative malibu feathers and of course decorative wires and bullion wires which come in various colours and thickness.  We also enjoy fragrance of herbs, dried flowers.  Texture of natural woods, and shells from nuts which can be found in the woods.

2 days
9:30 - 16:30 

Contemporary Design

Contemporary floral design involves much more than that of current trends. It is the platform for floral designers to excel and experiment in their own thinking. Quite often their thinking is influenced by what they see around them. They feel form and texture, usually contained in fashion accessories. The seasonal trends of generations past and present have normally been inspired by eminent designers, such as Versace. He himself drew his inspiration from fine artists experimenting in neo-classical colours. Of course, for the professional florist /designer working with floral and foliage products, it is imperative that they understand the limitation of the product and by endearing themselves to the material. They are using plant products and create a design from their own image. It is equally important for a floral designer to recognize the latest trends, usually created for the forthcoming season by current fashion designers and or architectural gurus. Each and every one of us that likes flowers and foliage’s has a magic in our minds.

Our designer, Geoffrey Hughes is responsible for this class. It has been his privilege over the years both to design and produce, or to edit industry magazines and more commercially likewise for clients. We at Flower Design of Britain will help you bring out and develop your abilities through our contemporary courses. 

4 days
9:30 - 15:30

Colour understanding with art and flowers

Floristry Colour understanding with art and flowerThis course is designed to give students a better understanding of the real meaning of colour and how it relates to art and flowers .

Learning how to put the mix of both and creating a design. You will get to know how to transfer the feeling of a color from words to paper and on to flower design. It is  very useful and worthy at any stages of your floristry career.

2 days weekend course upon request

3 days Hand-tied bouquets

Flowers tied into bouquets were found in ancient Egypt.  The Biedermeier bouquet was developed in the first half of the last century.  Hand-tied bouquet is the highest importance of modern floristry and is in first place when it comes to customer favorites.   Learning right skills to create well balanced bouquets.  It will keeping in the picture.

Course will be provided by an appointment at Pattaya studio
£ 600
9:30 - 15:30

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