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Flower Design of Britain

Beginner / Basic floristry

Private and others
Europe school London
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Advanced courses

FDB Master classes

There are the series of 5. Each stage is developed to encourage the students to research to understand and develop a portfolio prior to attending session. The tutor communicates with students during the year, which culminates in the submission of the research and thesis then followed by intense 5-day practical course. The course covers naturally all aspects of floristry, designing criteria including colour, floristry theories, modern trends in the industry etc. Practical examination at the end of level 3 and self-assessments. A standard of 70% must be achieved for a pass.

*Examination will be given when completing level 5

5 days each course
£1000 for level 1-2 / £1100 in Pattaya

6 days each course
£1188 for level 3-4 / £1300 in Pattaya

5 days course
£1500 for level 5

9:30 - 16:30