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Contemporary floral design workshop London, nature concious master class

FDB Europe school 2009
Contemporary floral design workshop in London

The course finished with a great success!  Thank you.

floral handbag, contemporary floral design worskhop LondonFlower Design of Great Britain is proud to announce this years course is being held in the autumn at Hammersmith London. Our lead designers, Geoffrey and Barbara, will be aware of how environmentally concise they are, and in today's world this is both important and sensitive. They have put together a master school which will focus on the natural products that the industry have to offer. They will incorporate many of the environmentally friendly products available, using foliage and flowers to their best advantage, animal and mineral items will be design features, such as soft wool, fabric, crystals, etc using their textures and colour to make practical designs.

The Ever Changing Trends in Fashionable Designs

Flower Design of Britain, London Contemporary floral design workshopEveryone recognizes the new trend lately at each flower show this year. Yes, we will gather the up-to-date floral fashion with feeling of vegetative and mineral thinking around this theme. During the course, we introduce natural materials and create beautiful floral design in terms of wedding. Items include elegant hat design, you will appreciate the time these take to make for shows, so we will scale this down to fit in with our work patterns.  Body accessories are becoming much more fashionable at all sorts of function such as Gala Balls, sporting occasion, film awards, the list is endless. Though we may pleat foliages, or cut stems short in order to fit in an inspirational creation, we will be keeping up the basic theories and high standard of floristry skills  in our mind. Let's pay respect for flowers and enjoy the contemporary trends. We hope the students will leave with some resourceful ideas!

This course caters for students, who would like to challenge something new  in the industry and are aiming to obtain further knowledge of the latest floristry techniques. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or  not, but requires some knowledge of floristry. We welcome everybody who has great  passions for flowers!

The modern trends, the latest coloured reedsThe modern trends with this arrangement contains the latest coloured reed . The reed can be obtained in at least 20 different colours and can be used in lots of diff rent styles and shapes .

Black anthurium arrangement with the latest water ballsBlack arrangement
This has the latest water balls in the container and comes in a variety of colours . The Black anthurium give this a contemporary look but can be achieved with different flowers .

Decoration for a mantelpiecesquare arrangement Demonstration and lesson by G. Hughes

Hammersmith, London
October 8 - 11, 2009
4 days
9:00 - 16:00

London contemporary floral design course 09