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Flower Design of Britain

Europe school 2015 Contemporary floral design course


Contemporary floral design master class

5 -  8 November, 2015
Course fee £680

Yes, we will have another master class this fall! 

This course aims to provide our students with a wider knowledge on a diverse range of modern floristry and techniques. The course will take place in the beautiful seaside town of  Weston-super-Mare.  Each year we try and give you new conceptions on design.  Our tutor Geoffrey Hughes will  introduce very  new approaches of bringing flowers together utilizing containers and accessories in a way not seen in everyday designs.  The creative designing aspect of the course enables students to develop their own thinking and unique ideas.  This is the vision of our Master designers and teachers.

Our visiting designer and renowned U.K. Judge Lynda Owen will once again excite students with up to date floral fashion as only seen by her in the world of international competition.  We also have the opportunity to engage a former world champion for a master class within this course. This will be depending on numbers of students and the name will be released when the number has been achieved.   This is both exciting and a floristry opportunity.

Tutors will give a demonstration during the morning and after lunch hands on yourselves.  Please be informed that there will be some change of contents when we have designers.

Day 1
Geoffrey Hughes, floral designer, Master FloristGeoffrey Hughes,  M.F.
Fascinating beauty of flowers
Geoffrey will use vegetal  ornaments, which are unique and adapt design with floral art as felt and seen through his eyes, your mind will be thinking what is this he will then give you an ornament to work with.
9:00 - 16:00

Day 2
Barbara Shakespeare, Principal of the schoolBarbara Shakespeare, N.D.S.F  F.S.F.  M.F.
Wedding Theme
The principal will demonstrate autumn flowers in wedding work and accompaniment that can be added.  She will show students how to construct wedding bouquets with seasonal flowers and sundries that are available.  This lesson will give our students a real buzz and hands on. 
9:00 - 16:00

Day 3
Lynda OwenLynda Owen, N.D.S.F and floristry Judge
Competition designs and discussion
She will be demonstrating various design pieces from competition world and show the florist techniques behind the designs. 
9:30 - 16:00

Day 4
Geoffrey Hughes, M.F.
Innovation with new techniques and products
Will be working with colours with range of flowers and a product, which are often not used for floral design.  Let's have fun! 
9:00 - 15:00

Entry to the course

This course caters for students who would like to challenge something new  in the industry and are aiming to obtain further knowledge of the latest floristry techniques. It doesn't matter if you are a professional florists or not, but requires some knowledge of floristry. We welcome everybody who has great  passions for flowers! 
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